Itaca Canyoning


Canyoning in Italy is definitely a unique experience. Not everyone knows that our country, so well known for its cities of art, gastronomy and breathtaking landscapes, also hides spectacular streams hidden in valleys that are still little explored and frequented. Canyoning offers a different way to discover the Italian territory through a real adventure among water trails.

The options are countless, from the quieter, shady style to the steeper, wilder places. Italy offers a range of canyoning experiences for all tastes. Pleasant and enjoyable creek descents are perfect for novice canyoneers. Nevertheless, even the most adventurous and resourceful canyoneers will have plenty to test their skills.

Every stream in Italy hides an adventure, a different way to explore, to be in touch with nature, to learn about some of the incredible beauty our land has to offer. And the challenge of canyoning is just that: to discover the best the area has to offer, in a unique combination of strong emotions related to adventure, water and the discovery of the magnificent Italian landscapes.

Perfect for those looking for an unusual and challenging outdoor activity, canyoning in Italy is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The fascinating trails among the stream beds offer scenery unique in its beauty and wild grandeur, providing unforgettable emotions.

It is a journey through water and rock that will satisfy the most adventurous spirits, giving a unique experience of discovering the Italian territory, respecting nature and with the opportunity to relive the intense emotions that only total immersion in these environments can give.