April-June / September-October

12 years

2 hours

2 metres

3 hours

5 metres

10 minutes

55 € / person

10 minutes

Following the bed downhill we find a series of small waterfalls, where we pass among large boulders until we reach the first short abseil on a rope. The route features five abseils, all very simple, perfect for introducing the group to the technique and acquiring confidence and mastery of the manoeuvre. Along the way there are some dives of variable heights but never mandatory. The descent takes place in a wild but at the same time pleasantly relaxing environment. Surely the most characteristic and spectacular part is the central one, where we find the famous Pozza di Malbacco with its impressive toboggan: the waterfall has carved and smoothed a vertical and narrow slide that ends in a large clear pool. Here it is possible to let yourself slide along the 12-metre toboggan with an exciting and adrenaline-pumping passage or to descend by rope. From this tank we enter the narrowest area of ​​the stream, with a short passage in the cave. Shortly after, the stream opens up again and on the left we find the path that takes us back first to the road and then to the cars with dry gearboxes.

If the experience satisfies you and you want to repeat it by trying a more adventurous canyon, we invite you to Rio Selvano, the most beautiful and fun canyon in Tuscany.

Torrente Serra is undoubtedly the funnest canyon in Versilia and the one most easily accessible from the coast.A few kilometers from the sea on the slopes of Monte Altissimo we find a surprising natural environment, a small tropical corner in the Apuan Alps. The white rock of the creek bed and the clear water create a unique atmosphere.

Practicable from April, the descent is perfect during the spring and autumn months. In the summer months, however, the water level drops considerably and the bed of the stream is dry in various areas. Torrente Serra is ideal for a half day of activities, two hours of fun in the middle of nature. The optional nature of all the obstacles and the relaxing environment crossed make the route particularly suitable for those who want to discover canyoning for the first time or for large groups, such as for example those of hen and stag parties, where we often find people more or less sporty, more or less fearful.

From the meeting point, we take the cars along the Serra valley and in about ten minutes we reach the lower parking area, where the material is distributed. Here we leave some cars with dry clothes and towels; with the others we go up for a few kilometers to the high parking lot. It is also possible to walk to the start with an easy half-hour walk. From the upper car park, we reach the bed of the Serra in ten minutes. Before starting the descent of the river you will receive all the necessary information on safety and progression in the canyon.

The Torrente Serra rises at Monte Altissimo and flows into the Vezza river precisely in correspondence with the municipality of Seravezza, hence the name. A few kilometers from the famous Versilia and its beaches, it offers us a fun and varied route that lends itself perfectly to a first canyoning experience. It can be reached quickly from the highway by anyone who wants to spend a few days in Tuscany.


The canyon is not long, just over half a kilometre, but has a series of jumps and waterfalls of variable height along the entire descent, alternating with short easy walking areas. The most spectacular and exciting part is certainly the central one, where the famous 12-metre slide is located. The rope abseils, never complicated, are ideal for getting started in the practice in a relaxing context. The technique of this maneuver will be demonstrated and taught to you gradually and progressively until you can carry it out independently.


Practicable from the month of April, the descent is possible until mid-June. In fact, during the summer period the water flow is considerably reduced and the descent is then less interesting. The swimming areas are short and limited to the exit from the pools. The temperature of the water and the sunshine make the descent always pleasant.


The path of the Serra stream is open and sunny throughout the descent. It is possible to leave the river bed quickly at any time and reach the path that runs along the canyon on the left bank. Therefore ideal even on days of uncertain weather. It should be noted that all the obstacles are easily circumvented, which makes the descent suitable even for the most fearful or for groups of various levels and motivations.