Itaca Canyoning

Rio Lerca



Meeting Point:



duration of the activity:

4 hours

total duration:

5-6 hours


45 minutes


10 minutes


from April to October

Starting from:

14 years old

Mandatory Dive:

3 metres

mandatory rappel:

8 metres


80 € / person special prices for groups

Rio Lerca

Rio Lerca is a wonderful torrent for Canyoning in Liguria, a pearl, still little frequented compared to the beauty of the place. Some pools are frequented during the summer but few, even among the locals, know the entire route and make the complete descent. In a sunny and bright valley, a few kilometres from Genoa, we find a canyon where aesthetics and fun are magically combined. Although close to the coast, we have the impression of being isolated and far from the world. The route features a series of shallow waterfalls that offer alternating dips and natural slides in crystal-clear water pools.

Canyoning Rio Lerca, for thrill-seekers

Practicable from May to October, this canyon lends itself perfectly to both thrill-seekers and those who want to enjoy a day immersed in the beauty of nature.

Once the technical equipment has been distributed, a forty to fifty-minute walk awaits us, which is rather steep in the initial half-hour. To avoid excessive heat, we will try to set off early in the morning and tackle the climb quietly. At the start of the river you will receive all the necessary information on safety and progression in the torrent.

From the very first waterfall, a situation arises that will be repeated many times during the day, namely the choice between abseiling and plunging.

Spectacular diving pools and passages between narrow walls

The Rio Lerca stream, in its flow through the rocks, has sculpted them and created numerous pools of transparent water that invite you to dive in. The rock walls around us are never too high and offer the possibility of repeated dives from different heights. In the final part there are some spectacular passages between narrow rock faces where we find spectacular dives and rappels. An old dam marks the end of the descent. From here a ten-minute or so path takes us back to the car park.

The geographic location also makes Rio Lerca easily accessible from other regions such as Tuscany, Lombardy or Piedmont. It is therefore ideal for combining a weekend by the sea with a fun and exciting sporting activity such as canyoning or as an intermediate stage of a holiday. The optional nature of the higher dives means that even very heterogeneous groups can enjoy the descent each according to their own level and motivation.

If Rio Lerca has amused and motivated you, you can move on to the French border and discover Val Roya and its famous canyons.

General Information

The Rio Lerca is hidden in the valleys of Mount Beigua right next to Genoa.

In pochissimi chilometri dall’uscita dell’autostrada, attraversando la periferia ci troviamo in un paesaggio sorprendente. An open and bright valley that is practically uninhabited, which makes one think of some remote place in Corsica and offers the opportunity for a day of sports and nature in complete tranquillity. The canyon is also easily accessible from other regions, as only two hours of motorway separate us from Milan, for example.

vertical features

The 130 metres of altitude difference are distributed along a 1.5 km descent and feature a large number of waterfalls that are never too high, 10 metres at the most. Few abseils are truly compulsory and never impressive. Numerous dives are possible, some quite high, but never compulsory.

water features

It can be frequented from May onwards, with a water level that can still be significant and makes the descent sporty. When the flow becomes regular, the descent is also accessible to beginners. The swimming parts are never too long and are not particularly complex. The water temperature, which is never cold, and the exposure to the sun make the descent particularly pleasant.


The descent alternates between more recessed and suggestive parts and others that are much more open. Along almost the entire route, it is possible to exit the river quickly. La trasparenza dell’acqua e l’aderenza della roccia facilitano notevolmente la progressione. At a large pool called Lagu du Mei there is an easy path out of the stream.

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