March-May / October-November

2 hours

10 years

3 hours

3 metres

10 minutes

15 metres

5 minutes

65 € / person

The next three tanks allow for high and impressive dives and end on the 12-meter waterfall, the highest in the stream. A spectacular dive or a scenographic abseil takes us into the magnificent pool and the 5-meter toboggan that follows. Here we find on the right bank a short via ferrata at the end of which with a dive of 4 meters we arrive in a deep natural pool. Here we will take a break. This is followed by the more recessed section called "le Curumbeire", we proceed between high walls covered with moss from which a thousand small waterfalls flow in a suggestive environment. A sequence of three dives culminates with the impressive 9 meter dive into a very deep, narrow pool. We soon reach the last waterfall where the use of the rope is mandatory.

From here the progression turns into a pleasant march on rough terrain up to “Lago dei Castagni”. In a further 15 minutes you reach the bridle which marks the end of the descent. A last dive and in less than ten minutes an easy path leads to the car park in the town center.

The geographical position makes Rio Barbaira easily reachable from the motorway that connects Italy and France. Therefore ideal for combining a weekend of tourism in Nice with a fun and exciting sporting activity such as canyoning or as an intermediate stop on a holiday. The optional nature of the highest dives means that even very heterogeneous groups can enjoy the descent, each according to their own level and motivation.

If you like Rio Barbaira you can move beyond the French border and discover the nearby Val Roya and its famous canyons.

Rio Barbaira offers one of the most beautiful descents in Liguria and among the most beautiful in Italy. A canyon where aesthetics and fun are magically combined. Given its proximity to France, the stream is very popular during the summer season.

In a wild and luminous valley, even if only a few kilometers from the coast, we will have the impression of being isolated and distant from the world. The canyon features a series of waterfalls of various heights that allow you to dive and slide into pools of green, clear water. The constant presence of water makes the descent pleasant and possible throughout the summer season.

Open from April to October, this canyon is definitely one of our favorites. It lends itself perfectly to a first experience and will leave even the most expert enthusiast speechless.

From the village of Rocchetta Nervina, the path climbs between olive groves and margins until it reaches the “Cin” bridge in about forty minutes, which marks the start of the descent. Here we put on the wetsuits and all the technical material and information on safety and progression in the torrent is given. A short stretch and we reach an inclined plane which we pass using the rope. The route continues between pools and dives for 400 meters until we reach a small toboggan where we practice abseiling on a rope.

The Rio Barbaira hides in the folds of the Nervia Valley, behind the small and wonderful village of Rocchetta Nervina. Half an hour from the beaches of the Ligurian Riviera and an hour from Nice and the famous French Côte d'Azur, we discover the remains of another world and another way of life. The nucleus of the village of Rocchetta Nervina dates back to the Middle Ages and the path to reach the beginning of the stream climbs between ancient terraces of dry stone walls and centuries-old olive trees.


The descent of the stream is just over 2 kilometers long. The one hundred and forty meters in altitude are concentrated on the first half of the descent where we find the highest waterfalls, up to 12 meters. Of the 9 rappels on the route, none is really mandatory, even very high dives are possible. Note how the clarity of the water greatly facilitates diving, making it very easy to identify the arrival area. The highest waterfall has a scenic abseil on a rope.


It can be visited starting from April, with a water level that may still be high and which makes the descent sporty. Normally the flow rate is never excessive and the canyon is also ideal for beginners. Throughout the summer the flow rate remains constant, even in the driest seasons and descent is always possible. The swimming parts are never too long and do not present any particular complexity. The temperature of the water, never cold, and its extraordinary clarity combined with exposure to the sun make the descent particularly pleasant.


The descent has the first half of the alternating area more recessed and suggestive, this is followed by a second part that is much more open and bright. Along almost the entire route it is possible to quickly leave the river and reach the paths that run through the surrounding valleys. The transparency of the water and the adherence of the rock greatly facilitate the progression.


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