from April to October

14 years

2 hours

2 metres

3 hours

10 metres

1 minutes

55 €/ person

15 minutes

The first descent is the only dry one. It allows us to enter into the canyon and start playing with the water. A small toboggan takes us to a drop, not high but impressive because it forces us to cross the flow of water as we descend. The central part of the stream has a beautiful chain of pools where it is possible to slide amusingly. Nothing compared to the toboggan that awaits us in the final part of the descent, a seven-meters slide that arrives in a narrow pool, a truly exciting passage!! A nice dip is also possible in the same tub. A few more small obstacles and we reach the old bridge which marks the end of the descent. In about fifteen minutes a path takes us first to the village and then to the cars.

The geographical position makes Rio Bargonasco easily reachable from other regions such as Tuscany and Lombardy. It is therefore ideal for combining weekends in the Cinque Terre and canyoning or as an intermediate stop on a holiday.

If you liked Rio Bargonasco, we invite you to discover other nearby streams such as Rio Lerca or Rio Selvano, two longer, more beautiful and varied descents.

Rio Bargonasco offers a not too long but rhythmic and fun descent, in a pleasant place away from the crowds even though it is close to a well-known and touristic area such as the Cinque Terre. The canyon features a succession of waterfalls that are never too high and natural pools. The constant presence of water allows diving and slides and makes abseiling exciting. An ideal canyon for a first experience provided you are in good shape and not afraid of the water.

Possible from April to October, this canyon is perfect for discovering canyoning in all its aspects, from abseiling to diving and tobogganing. The two hours of descent are a small concentration of this sport.

The appointment is at the small parking lot at the entrance to the hamlet of Bargone in the municipality of Casarza Ligure in the province of Genoa. From here we go up the valley by car for a kilometer until we reach the parking lot, where the technical material will be distributed and put on and you will receive all the necessary information on safety and the progression in the stream to then reach the river bed in less than a minute and start the descent.

Rio Bargonasco is located in the Ligurian hinterland of Sestri Levante, between Genoa and La Spezia, not far from the famous Cinque Terre. A few kilometers from the motorway exit we find ourselves in an open and bright valley that hosts a beautiful and fun descent. The canyon is also easily accessible from other regions, such as Lombardy or Tuscany.


The brevity of the route, about 600 meters, is characterized by a large number of waterfalls that are never too high, a maximum of 10 meters, which are linked together continuously. Some rope abseils can be impressive when there is a lot of water. Some dives and a magnificent and characteristic toboggan are possible.


It can be visited from the month of April, in spring it can have a significant flow of water that makes the descent sporty. The abseils that cross the waterfall can be challenging. The swimming parts are never too long and have no particular complexity. The temperature of the water, rather cold, is not particularly disturbing given the exposure to the sun and the short duration of the swimming areas.


The descent takes place along a well-defined but never extremely marked recess. At several points it is possible to quickly get out of the river course and avoid obstacles. However, there are two mandatory chains of waterfalls where the exit is impossible.


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