from March to October

8 years

2 hours


3 hours

5 metres

15 minutes

55 € / person

2 minutes

Following the course of the river we find a series of small gorges sculpted by the flow of water. These recessed areas intersperse with more open areas. The progression therefore alternates parts of walking and diving, slides and short swims. There are also some abseils on a rope of a few metres long, ideal for getting started and acquiring confidence and mastery of the manoeuvre. The dives are never too high and in any case always optional. The descent takes place in a wild and isolated but at the same time pleasantly relaxing environment. In some places the stream has created large pools of transparent water that shine in the green of the forest. The end of the descent comes suddenly: the canyon opens up and the road appears before us with the cars we parked on the way out.

If the experience satisfies you and you want to repeat it by trying a more adventurous canyon, we invite you to Rio Selvano, the most beautiful and fun canyon in Tuscany.

The Turrite di San Rocco is the simplest canyon we offer, truly suitable for everyone, even the most fearful. Ideal for a first canyoning experience with the family and to introduce this activity to even the youngest. Between the Apuan Alps and the Apennines we find this path that runs through the dense and green woods of the Garfagnana in a peaceful and relaxing environment. Practicable from the beginning of spring, the descent is feasible until late autumn thanks to a constant water flow, even in the hottest summers. The easy progression and the optional nature of all the obstacles make the canyon accessible even to people who are not very sporty, provided they are motivated.

From the meeting point, we take the cars up the valley in the direction of Pescaglia, after less than 2 kilometers we park a few cars in an open space along the road near the exit of the canyon, leaving our dry gear and towels inside. With the other cars we climb a few more kilometers up to the small village of Focchia where we park. From the car park with a downhill path in fifteen minutes we reach the Turrite di San Rocco. Before starting the descent of the river you will receive all the necessary information on safety and progression in the canyon.

The Turrite di San Rocco flows through the woods of the Garfagnana between the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. A short distance from the well-known Barga, the canyon can be reached from Lucca and the motorway in less than an hour. Perfect for a half day of family canyoning initiation to combine with a lunch in one of the many restaurants in the area.


The one-kilometre path has a difference in height of about 100 metres which manifests itself in a numerous series of small waterfalls that are never too high, at most 5 metres. Rope abseils are therefore ideal for getting started in the practice, never complicated or impressive. The technique of this manoeuvre will be demonstrated and taught to you gradually and progressively until you can carry it out independently. Numerous small toboggans allow fun natural slides. Several dives are also possible, never too high.


Practicable from the month of April, the descent remains possible until autumn. The water flow is constant throughout the season, even during the driest summers. The swimming areas are short and limited to the exit from the pools. The temperature of the water and the sunshine make the descent always pleasant. The transparency of the water allows you to see the bottom of the tanks, making it easier to dive and progress in the stream.


The path of the Turrite di San Rocco is open for the entire descent. It is possible to quickly exit the river bed at any time. Therefore ideal even on days of uncertain weather. It should be noted how all the obstacles are easily circumvented, which makes the descent suitable even for the most fearful or for groups of different levels of experience and motivation.


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