Tuscany's most beautiful canyon



from april to october


3-4 hours

3 metres

5 hours

12 metres

5 minutes

70 € / person

5 minutes


The next part is perhaps the most aesthetically beautiful: the stream is sunken more markedly, and we proceed between walls beautifully sculpted by the water flow. The last succession of small pools and waterfalls takes us to the old bridge that marks the end of the route. There remains, for the most daring, the possibility of a last dip of 10 metres in the final pool. From here, in five minutes we reach the parking lot downstream of the canyon.

An hour from Lucca, Pisa and Florence, Garfagnana offers many sports and tourist possibilities, from rafting to climbing, from food and wine tours to visiting art cities such as the beautiful and nearby Barga.

If you want to repeat the experience, we can offer you the magnificent descent of the Rio Lerca in Liguria.

Rio Selvano is definitely the most interesting and complete stream we can find in Tuscany. It offers a fun and varied descent in an exceptional natural setting. The route has a series of waterfalls and pools where dives, natural slides and some abseils alternate —a real concentration of canyoning.

Practicable throughout the whole season, the canyon offers a perfect descent for a day of sport in wonderful nature. Once the technical equipment has been distributed, it is necessary to organise a shuttle of a few kilometres to the parking lot upstream of the canyon. It is also possible to reach the departure on foot with a half-hour walk among the chestnut trees. Before starting the descent of the river, you will receive all the necessary information on safety and progression in the stream. The descent begins with a few small waterfalls until you quickly find the first spectacular passage, an abseil in a steep toboggan. From here, small and large toboggans alternate with abseils and walking areas. Halfway there is the highest and most impressive descent.

Rio Selvano is located in the Turrite Cava valley, in the heart of Garfagnana, not far from the small but famous Barga and Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. A fun and varied journey in a fascinating and mysterious landscape. Easily reachable from Lucca, Pisa, Florence and the Versilia coast, this stream will offer you the opportunity to discover Garfagnana, a rich and fascinating territory.

General information

The 140 metres of altitude difference are distributed in a relatively homogeneous way along the kilometre of the descent, creating a series of higher or lower waterfalls interspersed with short areas of walking. The possibility of diving and tobogganing are therefore numerous, as well as abseils. These are never too complicated but require attention due to some more slippery passages. The highest waterfall, at 14 metres, presents a beautiful descent right under the waterfall, which is very exciting. It is important to note that the abseiling technique will be demonstrated and taught to you gradually and progressively until you can carry it out independently.

Vertical features

With its moderate range, swimming areas are never problematic. Practicable from March to October, often at the beginning of the season, the water level is higher and the descent more sporty. The relatively cool temperature of the water amazes at first, but generally, the rhythm of the descent and the presence of some walking areas help us to warm up quickly, and the activity is pleasant. As a result of prolonged and violent rains, the level can rise significantly to return to normal in a few days.

Aquatic features

The canyon presents some more recessed parts, carved and worked remarkably, but short and shallow. The route allows you to get out of the river bed quickly, but after passing the first six waterfalls, it becomes problematic to reach an emergency exit path due to the steep forest that surrounds us.


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