March-May / October-November

10 years

2 hours


3 hours


15 minutes

55 € / person

5 minutes


The route alternates pools and waterfalls with short walking areas in a suggestive and pleasant environment. The last succession of pools and waterfalls is particularly beautiful. It takes us to the final pool, where a long handcurrent allows us to access the highest and most spectacular dive: a six-metre jump from the impressive start above a characteristic limestone cave. An easy path will enable you to avoid this waterfall easily. From here, in five minutes we reach the parking lot downstream of the canyon.

A few kilometres from Florence and easily accessible from Pisa and Lucca, this route offers the opportunity to add emotions and wonder to the visit of famous cities rich in culture and beauty.

If you liked the experience, you can follow us in the heart of Garfagnana to discover Rio Selvano, the funniest stream in Tuscany.

Rio Buti is a small natural jewel a few kilometres from the centre of Florence, one of the most famous and visited cities in the world. An easy and accessible descent that allows you to discover canyoning with family and friends. Dives, slides and abseils await you in a sunny and open environment.

Practicable especially in spring, already from March, the stream offers two hours of varied and fun descent accessible from ten years of age. The short access path, the moderate flow rate of the river and the optional character of the obstacles make Rio Buti ideal for a first experience.

Before starting the descent of the river, you will receive all the necessary information on safety and progression in the stream.

The descent begins directly with a series of abseils, perfect to start this technique. The stream remains well open; the forest surrounds us and accompanies us on the descent. Most of the waterfalls offer the opportunity to try their hand at dives of various heights, and it is often possible to repeat them several times. As always in streams, dives are optional; in this one, it is even easier to get around them, and everyone can easily adapt the descent to their level. A friendly alternative is the slides, possible on two or three occasions.

Rio Buti is located in the Calvana massif, a mountain range that winds between Prato and Florence. The route is ideal for a first approach to canyoning and for a family activity. Quickly accessible from Florence, it offers the opportunity to add a different experience to your Florentine stay, or discover the territory around you in a new way.


The route has about ten waterfalls divided along the kilometre of the descent, the highest of which reaches fifteen metres. Dives of varying heights are possible, and there is also a nice narrow and steep toboggan. Note the last dive, always optional, of six metres in a scenographic context. Some waterfalls have mandatory abseils. The grip characteristics of the rock and the shape of the waterfalls greatly facilitate the learning of the abseiling technique. It is important to note that the abseiling technique will be demonstrated and taught gradually and progressively until you can carry it out independently.


With its moderate range, swimming areas are never problematic. Practicable especially in spring and autumn, often the watercourse is considerably reduced starting from June, making the descent uninteresting. The open and bright character of the place, together with the alternation of swimming and walking areas, make the descent pleasant as early as March, depending on the seasons.


The route allows you to quickly get out of the river bed practically at any time, and the access path runs along the river on the left bank along the entire route. This makes it possible to avoid some parts of the canyon altogether if desired, so the route is accessible even to the most fearful.


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