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Canyoning Liguria, 6 torrents not to be missed.

Hello everyone! I am Marco Peli, a canyoning guide since 2010, and today I want to share with you some of the best places to practice canyoning in Liguria. Liguria is a wonderful region that is home to some unmissable torrents and canyons.

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Canyoning Liguria – Canyoning Liguria

Canyoning Liguria, I present to you the list of Torrents

If you are wondering where to canyoneer in Liguria, know that the list of torrents where you can go canyoning is extensive:

Canyoning Liguria – Rio Lerca

The Canyoning excursion to Rio Lerca is one of the most beautiful and complete descents we can find in Liguria. The adventure begins with a nice approach path, with a fairly steep first part. The effort will be rewarded by the environment we find at the start of the canyon. Once there, you will find yourself immersed in a spectacular natural environment, with waterfalls and crystal-clear pools of water.

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Canyoning Rio Lerca – Canyoning Liguria

Path Characteristics

The Rio Lerca route is varied and offers a long series of obstacles. There are several waterfalls, the highest measuring 15 metres, which we will overcome by abseiling. The numerous pools of crystal-clear water along the route offer the opportunity to take many dives, including some very high ones. There is also a nice slide that adds fun to the descent.

Rio Lerca in brief

  • Location: Arenzano ( GE )
  • Features: Waterfalls and pools of emerald green water, numerous dives and rope descents.
  • Best period: April to October
  • Distance: 1 km
  • Difficulty: Sporty
  • Duration: 6 hours

The hike is also suitable for inexperienced people as long as they are in good physical and sporting condition and motivated to get involved. As always, being accompanied by an experienced guide is a guarantee of safety and stress-free fun.

In summary, the Rio Lerca is an excellent choice for those seeking a full-day canyoning experience in Liguria, offering a combination of adventure, natural beauty and fun. Perfect for an outing with friends or to celebrate a hen or birthday party in an unusual way.

Canyoning Liguria – Rio Barbaira

Rio Barbaira is undoubtedly the most famous and busiest stream in Liguria. Due to its proximity to France, this course also sees a large turnout of our transalpine cousins. The stream’s fame is well deserved: the beauty of the landscape will leave even the most experienced practitioner amazed and enraptured. Due to its fame, the stream is managed by the municipality, which requires an entrance fee that can be easily purchased on the website of the managing body. A few kilometres north of Ventimiglia and the French border is the characteristic village of Rocchetta Nervina, a starting point for canyoning.

Barbaira Canyoning

Path Characteristics

The route along the Rio Barbaira has a more recessed first part where the most important obstacles are concentrated and a more open and relaxing second part. A varied canyon that also offers a perfect descent for those seeking a first canyoning experience. The torrent is characterised by several waterfalls, some of which are up to 15 metres high, which provide an introduction to rope abseiling techniques. In addition, there are numerous jumps and dives into deep pools of water, adding an element of excitement to the experience.

The surrounding vegetation is lush and offers a natural and peaceful environment, ideal for enjoying the beauty of nature. The clarity of the water stands out in the summer sun among the limestone rocks that surround us.

Canyoning Rio Barbaira in brief

  • Location: Rocchetta Nervina, in the province of Imperia
  • Features: Diving and rappelling in beautiful natural surroundings
  • Best period: April to October
  • Distance: About 1 km
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium

The course is also suitable for a first experience as long as you are sporty and motivated. The guide’s role will be to inspire confidence in overcoming limits and fears by teaching the techniques necessary to descend the torrent and adapting the descent to the needs of all group members.

In conclusion, Rio Barbaira is definitely a ‘must’ for all canyoning enthusiasts and for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience in nature.

Canyoning Liguria -Rio Bargonasco

Rio Bargonasco is another small hidden gem of Liguria, located halfway between Genoa and La Spezia, inland from Sestri Levante. This torrent offers a complete and fun canyoning descent, ideal for those who want to learn about the activity and spend a few hours in an extraordinary natural setting. The hike begins with a safety briefing and distribution of necessary equipment. From the car park, the starting point of the route can be reached in one minute.

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Path Characteristics

The route along the Rio Bargonasco is not very long but offers a series of waterfalls that follow one another continuously. Some waterfalls that are not too high are ideal for initiating oneself into abseiling technique. In addition, the stream offers the possibility of diving into crystal-clear pools of water and an extraordinary 8-metre slide that makes the experience even more exciting.

The constant presence of water makes the descent fun and impressive all summer long. Some jumps and slides can be repeated several times. The optional nature of the obstacles allows the descent to be tackled by groups of varying levels; the guide will be able to adapt the descent to everyone’s level.

Canyoning Rio Bargonasco in brief

  • Location: Sestri Levante, Genoa province
  • Best period: April to September
  • Characteristics: aquatic and rhythmic descent
  • Distance: less than 1 km
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Difficulty: Discovery
  • Height difference: 150 metres

Given the moderate length of the route, the descent is suitable for everyone as long as they are motivated and in good physical condition. The guide provides all the necessary equipment and through knowledge and experience is a guarantee for a safe and fun experience.

In conclusion, the Rio Bargonasco is an excellent destination for those who want to discover an unusual corner of Liguria through a fun and varied activity such as canyoning.

Canyoning Liguria – Rio Santa Lucia

The Rio Santa Lucia flows hidden inland from Albenga, in the province of Imperia. The route, particularly forked compared to other Ligurian canyons, is particularly pleasant on torrid summer days.

Characteristics of the Route.

The descent is characterised by its fast pace, beautiful narrow areas alternating with deep pools. After the first narrow area, a C14 is encountered with the attack exposed on slippery rock (recommended mancorrente. This leads us to the second interesting part of the canyon, which is unfortunately short and features a beautiful 7-metre slide.

In general, the descent is challenging and requires good canyoning experience. The presence of an experienced guide is recommended to ensure the safety of the group.

Canyoning Rio Santa Lucia in brief

  • Location: Pornassio, in the province of Imperia
  • Characteristics: A fun, very forked descent
  • Best period: April to October
  • Distance: 1 km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Durata: 4 ore

The descent is suitable for everyone, even for a first experience, as long as they are motivated and in good physical condition. The guide provides all the necessary equipment and through knowledge and experience is a guarantee for a safe and fun experience.

In conclusion, Rio Santa Lucia offers a pleasant descent, perfect for a half-day of adventure and nature to enjoy with friends or family.

Rio Grognardo and Torrente Argentina

The linking of the Rio Grognardo and the Torrente Argentina offers a complete and fun-filled descent where we find all the most beautiful elements of canyoning. First and foremost, of course, is the discovery of this hidden corner of Liguria. Our adventure takes place in the valley below the magical village of Triora, famous for its ‘witches’. Canyoning is often an opportunity to get to know and experience places that are off the beaten track but full of charm.

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Canyoning in Liguria

Path Characteristics

Rio Grognardo is characterised by numerous slides carved into the rock where the use of a rope is always required, at least at the start of the slide. From the final pool, we climb for a few minutes through the forest until we reach Ponte della Mauta, the starting point of the Argentina Torrent. This second part is surprising: the stream flows between carved and brightly coloured rocks and has a significant water flow even in the height of summer. There are numerous slides and dives, some very high, and a few tricky passages where knowledge of the route and the use of appropriate rope techniques are essential. The descent ends in the wonderful and enormous final pool, known as Lago Degno.

Rio Grognardo and Torrente Argentina in brief

  • Location: Molini di Triora, in the province of Imperia
  • Features: Tobogganing and abseiling for Grognardo, diving and lots of water in Argentina.
  • Best period: April to October
  • Distance: just over 1 km
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Difficulty: Sporty

In summary, the combination of these two routes certainly offers an extraordinary opportunity for fun and adventure for a sporty audience, but also for a super-complete first experience. With its natural slides, pools of water and natural beauty, you will discover a place you will want to return to.

Canyoning Liguria – Rio Prialunga

The Rio Prialunga is a beautiful gorge that descends between the slopes of Monte Beigua, offering a route where fun and adrenaline mix perfectly. A descent marked by a strong vertical character that culminates in the marvellous hanging pools at the halfway point. The excursion begins with a safety briefing and the distribution of the equipment provided by the guide. After a fairly demanding walk of about an hour through ancient chestnut groves and pastures, you reach the starting point of the canyoning route.

Path Characteristics

The path takes us directly to the first waterfall. The first part, the technically interesting one, is, however, enriched by the continuous view of the Ligurian sea that acts as a canvas for the initial rappels. The route becomes more and more recessed and in the central part has some wonderful abseiling over hanging pools. The serpentine walls here are compact and smooth and remind one of the famous Ticino canyons. Although never too high, a maximum of 25 metres, the abseils feature hanging belays and full-empty starts, making this part exciting.

Note that it is important to approach the descent with an adequate flow rate as we have at the beginning of the season or in late autumn. If in the middle of summer the route has very little flow, in the spring period we have to be careful in case of high flow rates because the passages of the hanging pools can be complicated. In any case, it is possible to retreat before tackling the central recess by ascending the nearby forest.

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Canyoning Liguria Rio Prialunga in brief

  • Location: Varazze, province of Savona
  • Features: Great and spectacular rope abseiling
  • Best Period: from Spring to Fall
  • Distance: 1 km
  • Duration: 5-6 hours
  • Difficulty: Expert

In conclusion, due to the numerous rope abseils and the complexity of some of them, the route is reserved for people who already have rope abseiling experience. In addition, given the access path, a good physical and sporting condition is required. The techniques and materials chosen by the guide combined with your awareness are a guarantee of an experience that is certainly adrenaline-pumping but lived safely.

Practical Tips

  • Equipment: The guides provide all the necessary technical equipment, but it is advisable to bring hiking shoes or sneakers in good condition, swimsuit and a dry change of clothes, for those who use glasses provide a strap to secure them, for those who use lenses provide a spare pair
  • Safety: The guides who accompany you are all licensed and insured. All descents are preceded by a briefing on safety and progression in the creek.

Canyoning in Liguria

Liguria is a wonderful and special region: despite its many famous and touristy places, it often remains hidden and wild, almost reluctant to be known. Discovering it through its streams was a unique adventure that opened my eyes to different, less ‘easy’ but absolutely powerful environments and beauties. It will be a pleasure to share this experience with others, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy canyoning to all