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How does canyoning work?

How does canyoning work? What is canyoning?

Canyoning or canyoning consists of following a water course in its most beautiful and inaccessible areas. This involves a particular and specific progression that includes walking and swimming, as well as diving, sliding and abseiling.

Through canyoning we discover hidden and surprising corners where nature still gives us spaces for play, adventure and beauty.
In fact, canyoning is much more than just a sport, in addition to the fun and adrenaline of overcoming one’s own limits, it is an opportunity to experience a moment out of time in nature: diving without thinking, looking at a strip of sky from the bottom of a canyon are things that improve our lives and whose memory stays with us for a long time.

Making you experience these moments safely is our job and our passion. We look forward to seeing you at ITACA.

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How Canyoning Works – The March

Walking is perhaps the most complicated thing when descending a torrent, especially since we are not used to moving with a wetsuit and harness on wet rocks and terrain. It is important to remember that this is not a speed race: the speed of the group will always be that of the slowest person and we will all have to adapt to that. It is therefore absolutely forbidden to run, jump from rock to rock and pressure other participants.

To descend vertical obstacles where no rope is required, do not hesitate to sit and slide down slowly, without letting go suddenly and abruptly. However, the guide will always be close by, ready to help you in the most critical passages: do not hesitate to involve her in case of difficulty.

During the entire descent, when you are not using them, it is important to proceed with the safety longes attached to the harness carrier without letting them dangle between your legs.

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How Canyoning Works – Swimming

In most of the proposed torrents, the swimming parts are short and easy, often limited to the simple exit from the pools. In such cases, it will be sufficient if the participant is not afraid of water and is able to dive without any particular anxiety.

During the descent, all the information needed to pass a specific pool or tackle a specific water movement will be provided.

For torrents where the aquatic aspects are more important and complex, you will be informed at the time of registration and we will discuss this together to assess whether or not you can participate in the activity.

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How Canyoning Works – The Dive

Dives are a playful solution to overcome certain waterfalls and are never compulsory. Those who do not want to dive can always choose an alternative solution, either abseiling, or bypassing the obstacle wherever possible. The guide will always indicate the pools where diving is possible. The guide will tell you where to dive from, which way to dive, where to dive and how to get there. Only after receiving and understanding all this information will it be possible to dive in, if motivated.

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How canyoning works – The slide or toboggan

In some streams, there are natural slides created by the continuous flow of water. Whenever possible, tobogganing is one of the most fun and appreciated parts of canyoning. As with diving, slides are never compulsory. The same indications as those given for diving also apply to toboggans. The guide will always show you the pools where tobogganing is possible. The guide will show you where to start the slide, what position to hold during the slide and how to get into the water. Only after receiving and understanding all this information will it be possible for those who wish to do so to tackle the toboggan.

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How Canyoning Works – The Rope

Some obstacles, both horizontal and vertical, require the mandatory use of a rope and harness complete with lanyards and safety carabiners. Depending on the different situations, the guide can decide whether to let the clients use the provided material independently or to manage the client directly in overcoming obstacles. During the initial briefing, the guide will show how to use the technical equipment to tackle horizontal and vertical obstacles.

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How Canyoning Works – Minors

For minors, access to the activity is conditional on the assumption of responsibility and supervision by an adult. During the activity, minors must always be supervised by adults who have attended the initial safety briefing. It is therefore required that the accompanying person knows that he/she is able to exercise maximum control over the accompanying minors, bearing in mind their age and number.

How Canyoning Works – The Risks

Canyoning is a sport performed in beautiful but dangerous natural environments due to falling plants and rocks and sudden changes in the weather. Even a small incident can create problems for the whole group. Rescuers can take a long time to reach the canyons and evacuation can be complex. The guide can interrupt the descent for safety reasons and one must respect his decisions without objecting.

The descent of a canyon is not a competition or a race, it is an opportunity to discover a natural environment in a fun and exciting way. Our professionalism and your sense of responsibility are the best guarantee for a successful trip.

The guide will provide you with all safety instructions, progression in the canyon and the use of the technical equipment provided both before and during the activity, whenever necessary.

Following his instructions to the letter on how to move and how to behave is essential for practising the activity as safely as possible. Not respecting them can be dangerous and cause accidents, for you and for other participants . When the individual’s behaviour then conflicts with the guide’s instructions, the risk of an accident becomes real for him and the group.

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