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Canyoning Umbria: the 3 most beautiful torrents.

Hello everyone! I am Marco Peli, a professional canyoning guide, and today I want to tell you about one of the most fascinating regions in Italy to practice this adventurous activity: Canyoning in Umbria.

Canyoning Umbria: a paradise for spring

Umbria is a region that offers an incredible variety of canyoning routes, thanks to its numerous rivers, torrents and streams. Between natural parks such as the Parco Fluviale del Nera, the Monti Sibillini National Park and the Parco Fluviale del Tevere, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in natural scenery of rare beauty. And let’s not forget the magnificent Marmore waterfalls, the largest in Italy, which offer an amazing landscape.

The Best Canyoning Trails Umbria

Umbria is home to some magnificent torrents and gives us the opportunity to indulge in canyoning. The routes are many and for all levels. Here is a short selection of my favourite spring routes. The indicated canyons offer the best conditions in spring, between March and the end of May.

  1. Canyoning Umbria – Fosso del Bagno or Forra di Parrano: a fun descent

The Fosso del Bagno or Forra di Parrano, located in the Val di Chiana, Umbria, is a true paradise for canyoning enthusiasts. With a course of about 1 km and medium difficulty, it offers a playful descent full of dips, rappels and fords in a natural setting of rare beauty. The white limestone is criss-crossed with veins of very characteristic red streaks and the descent is full of geological curiosities: rock bridges, caves and siphons.

The route:

The beginning does not promise great things. Some calm stretches alternate with passages on slippery rocks. But soon the watercourse recedes, providing amusing fords and small rapids. The real fun begins at the height of the rock bridge, which looks like a collapsed vault. Right here there is a via ferrata that follows the course of the stream.

Despite the shallowness, the recess becomes more pronounced, with a series of obstacles leading to a (non-threatening) siphon pool. After exiting the pool, you continue your descent. Shortly afterwards, the main obstacle is encountered: a spectacular 13-metre waterfall surrounded by majestic scenery. At the foot of the waterfall is a wide stretch of still water that leads to another geological curiosity: a natural cave on the right bank. You can choose to cross it by diving into the water or to go around it on the left bank.

Once out of the gorge we are directly at the end of the descent and within a minute we are at the cars.

In short:

A fun and varied descent of about two hours that can be reached without a shuttle in thirty minutes. An initiation canyon to be done preferably in spring, as it stops flowing quite early. In view of the constant forcing and the lack of intermediate exits (excluding the ferrata), the route is to be avoided in the event of a high flow rate.

2. Canyoning Umbria – Fosso Campione or Forra di Prodo: an adrenaline adventure

The Fosso Campione or Forra di Prodo offers an enjoyable descent in an extraordinary setting where light, water and rock mix remarkably well. The environment is reminiscent of the famous French canyon of Riolan. The rock walls, although not very high, have been beautifully carved out of white limestone, and the blue-coloured water will irresistibly entice you to dive into the beautiful pools. But beware!!! Although many dives are possible, always be careful to probe the depth of the pools because some ‘traps’ lurk.

The route:

The descent features two fun and very well sculpted sunken areas. There are about 20 abseiling routes, some of which can be dived.

The first part is characterised by a succession of rappels, some of which can be replaced by jumps for those who wish. The descent begins with an adrenaline-fuelled plunge from the highest, 14-metre waterfall. The canyon soon narrows, creating an atmospheric corridor full of fun obstacles, including a calcified motorbike.

The second part is a real water playground, with a series of pools to explore and small jumps to tackle. The notch opens up and then closes again, providing evocative views and a final adrenaline-filled section.

After the springs, the canyon subsides and ends with a short walk to the exit.

In short:

A descent where fun and wonder mix perfectly for three hours of canyoning adventure. Do it in spring to enjoy the watery side of the descent and take advantage of the many dips. To be avoided at all costs in the case of large flows.

3. Canyoning Umbria – Fosso del Casco: a vertical adventure

The canyoning route in the Fosso del Casco has a beautiful, extremely forked first section that culminates in a super aesthetic 27-metre rappel. If the rest of the descent is less continuous and impressive, we still find three beautiful rappels. A perfect canyon for lovers of abseiling and wild environments.

The route:

The torrent forks rapidly, offering a series of beautiful passages: a rapid succession of small waterfalls allows us to become familiar with the rope abseiling technique. In fact, this first part culminates in a 27-metre high waterfall that we descend hanging in the air. The descent continues in a more open environment with smaller obstacles. However, there are three beautiful rope abseils, all between 11 and 18 metres.

In short:

A beautiful vertical descent of a couple of hours that is well worth the walk of about one hour. Wild environment and thrills guaranteed. Always do it in spring to find a flow of water useful for an enjoyable descent.

Canyoning Umbria – Some Final Thoughts

  1. Suitable for All: In Umbria, there are many routes suitable for both beginners and experts, so there is no need to worry if you are new to this activity.
  2. Costs for Canyoning in Umbria: Prices for canyoning in Umbria are generally inexpensive, making this activity accessible to all.
  3. Equipment: You don’t have to worry about equipment; local companies provide everything you need, from wetsuits to ropes.

I hope this information has been useful to you and I invite you to discover the wonders of canyoning Umbria. See you soon on the rocks!